Enlightening the world about the science of Chiropractic

Curious how you can grow your practice using scientific research?

My name is Dr. Heidi Haavik. I’m here to show you how!

I’m passionate about finding (and translating into easy-to-understand language) the science behind how chiropractic care improves health and well-being. I’m excited to bring you resources that will help enlighten and inspire your patients to become long-term happy customers.

Latest Talks / Events

Utah Chiropractic Summit

April 20 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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The Kids Summit

7-8 September

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Chiros Hub

Chiropractic Summaries
Enlightened patients become lifelong customers.

Chiros Hub is a resource library with everything you need to explain the benefits of chiropractic. With videos, health talks research articles and digital assets to share. Designed to help enlighten the world about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Chiros Academy

Chiropractic Subluxation Models Class
Learning the science of chiropractic just got easier.

Chiros Academy is an online learning platform for chiropractors. Topics range from clinical and basic science to research methods, statistics and neuroscience. Confidently communicate the proven benefits of chiropractic care.

Learning Hub

Help your staff and patients understand the benefits.

Chiros Learning Hub is an online learning platform for Chiropractic Assistants and patients. Each class incorporates the latest evidence yet is taught in lay language and does not require you to know any prior specialized knowledge.

Books, Brochures and Posters

Enlighten the world about the science of chiropractic.

Purchase Heidi’s best-selling book The Reality Check – a quest to understand chiropractic from the inside out. Available also in Danish, Dutch, French, German and Italian as well as various posters and brochures for the practice.


I cannot wait to partner again to do another event in the future. I received a lot of overwhelmingly positive verbal feedback from our faculty members. Our students want and need to hear more! 

Sarah Hilliard, Cleveland Chiropractic College

Heidi, Your seminar was the best chiropractic seminar I’ve ever attended in 32 years! We need more kick ass women in our profession like you.

Deborah A. Fudge, D.C.